Giesbrecht & Co - Patrick Giesbrecht

Principal of Giesbrecht & Co, Patrick has spent the last 10 years working with Property Development companies and landowners moving their projects through the municipal approval process.

Over the past years, Patrick has built a diverse team of professionals to compliment his vision. The team includes Advocates to Federal, Provincial, Municipal and Indigenous Governments as well as two Urban Planners who manage applications and sub-consultants on each file.

Patrick is a governor of the BC Chamber of Commerce. And a Past-Director of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.  As such, he brings a wide network of businesses, investors, influencers, experts, and decision-makers, to his professional world.

He is a relational communicator to his core. His expertise includes creating a credible narrative that accurately communicates a project’s value to the community at large. He has a knack for bringing diverse groups together, building a ‘coalition of support’ behind projects he believes in. He is selective with the projects he endorses, and the parties he works with, in order to protect the relationships he has built over the years through his professional and community involvement.

Patrick brews craft beer, is a budding spirit and craft cocktail connoisseur, and enjoys locally sourced food. For fun he snowboards, collects vinyl recordings, hikes and golfs.